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After Rome

On Saturday, 6 May 2006, the University of Liverpool will be hosting a one-day colloquium called: ‘After Rome: Landmarks and Pathways’. It has been organised in response to a number of books that have recently been published on the period towards the end of the Western Roman Empire to the 9th century. All of the authors seek to reassess the period holistically and completely, in light of recent work, new evidence and a re-evaluation of ‘old’ evidence and they will be present at the Colloquium. It promises to be a stimulating and seminal day of debate and comment. Speakers are:
Chris Wickham (Framing the Early Middle Ages. Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800)
Julia Smith (Europe After Rome. A New Cultural History, 500-1000)
Peter Heather (The Fall of the Roman Empire)
Bryan Ward-Perkins (The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization)
Stephen Mitchell (A History of the Later Roman Empire 284-641)

Both of us intend to attend and participate in this event.