Labels That Stick Workshop

On 22 January 2007, our research project will be hosting a free workshop for the Centre for Antiquity and the Middle Ages, University of Southampton on: ‘Labels that Stick: early medieval people and objects and the problem of description’ with keynote speaker, Professor Bonnie Effros (SUNY, Binghamton).

The past decade has seen intensive work on the problems of ethnicity, identity and migration, and on modern interpretations of early medieval texts and artefacts. Although contributions have been made to these debates by historians and archaeologists, there has been little reflection on how these might then lead to revisionist readings of extant early medieval objects in museum collections, which are still largely categorised on stylistic grounds established in the 19th and 20th centuries.

We invite short 20-minute papers from historians, archaeologists, art historians and museums professionals, as a means of starting an ongoing, reflective dialogue. Postgraduates are very welcome to attend and To register interest or to contribute a paper or communication, please email Dr Patricia Skinner ( or Tehmina Goskar ( by 10 January 2007.
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