Medieval Material Culture session at TAG 2006

The Theoretical Archaeology Conference 2006 is shortly to be upon us. The session I have organised to debate a future for medieval material culture studies, across disciplines and professions, ‘The spade cannot lie: fresh perspectives on medieval material culture’ will take place on Satuday 16 December at 2pm in room Newman D. I am delighted with the response to the session, both from the speakers and chair who have contributed their papers and ideas, and those who wish to know more about the MMCCn (Medieval Material Culture Communication Network). The session is supported by the Centre for Antiquity and the Middle Ages, University of Southampton. Session details…

1. Introduction (Chair: Dr Leonie Hicks (Centre for Antiquity and the Middle Ages, University of Southampton)

2. Interdisciplinary connections: Digging a little deeper –medieval archaeology and its relationship with art history (Prof. Barbara Beall-Fofana, Assumption College, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA)

3. Is there a place for ethnoarchaeology in the study of Saxon ceramics? (Ben Jervis, Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton)

4. Taking liberties with the Middle Ages: the Museum of London’s Medieval London gallery (Meriel Jeater, Department of Early London History, Museum of London)

5. Life after death. A socio-ethnographic reinterpretation of early medieval male burial sites in northern Italian areas (Dr Paolo de Vingo, SAAST Department, University of Turin)

6. Mute but suggestive: How medieval historians can deal with material culture (Tehmina Goskar, Centre for Antiquity and the Middle Ages, University of Southampton)

7. Discussion: Do we need a Medieval Material Culture Communication Network? (Introduced by: Tehmina Goskar, chaired by Leonie Hicks)

If you are not attending TAG 2006 and you would like to know more about the Medieval Material Culture Communication Network, please email Tehmina Goskar or leave a comment on this post. Further details of MMCCn will be posted here shortly.