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What’s on the banner?

Many people have been asking about the various things represented on our website banner above. Here is a brief description. On the far left, a disc brooch called the ‘Castellani Brooch’ from the Department of Prehistory and Europe at the British Museum.

It dates from the late 7th-8th centuries displaying what is seemingly a female facing bust. The form displays both Byzantine and Lombard artistic features and is said to be similar to disc brooches word by Byzantine royalty of the period. It is reported to have been found in Canosa di Puglia in southern Italy and is likely to have originally been from a grave of the Lombard period. It is not yet known what or who the figure represents. It is constructed in gold and cloisonné enamel.

Working towards the centre of the banner, you can see part of a map of southern Italy as it was (roughly) during the 6th-10th centuries. Blending into the map is some script from a Lombard manuscript. On the far right is the cross containing the inscription of dedication by certain Pantaleo, patron of the bronze doors of Amalfi cathedral.