Citizen Curators programme launched

Citizen Curators competencies

Last Thursday at Cornwall Museums Partnership’s annual Share and Learn day in Helston, I launched the Citizen Curators Programme and introduced its prospective pilot at Royal Cornwall Museum. Citizen Curators is basically museum studies in the workplace and takes the place between attending one-off training and a full-on course at a university such as an… Continue reading Citizen Curators programme launched

Curator’s Advent. Day 6. Gloves

Museum objects are living gods and goddesses. Lords and Ladies of the material world. Most usually donning white cotton (or purple nitrile) gloves the curator is able to undertake her calling as high priest and footman.  It’s vital museum purity laws are adhered to. Contamination of the museum object by greasy palm or sticky fingers… Continue reading Curator’s Advent. Day 6. Gloves

Curator’s Advent. Day 3. Moths

Butterflies on display at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro. Not moths but you get the idea.

Moths and other creepy pests are The Enemy of the curator (unless they are already dead and desirable specimens, pinned and catalogued). If you see a furrowed brow and haunted look, a struggle with sticky pheromone-fueled patches, spare a thought. We are saving museums from the very real peril of textiles and taxidermy annihilation. No… Continue reading Curator’s Advent. Day 3. Moths