2 years 100 chats on 100 subjects Two Hosts: @tehm and @sospot 46 Guest Hosts 22.1K Tweets (all time) 130-140K Impressions per month 4-5K Impressions per day ~25-100 Engagements per Tweet It’s a very simple enterprise, light weight but high energy and without any constrictions of institutionalism or stakeholder expectation. It’s free and for all-comers.… Continue reading #100museumhours

What are rural museums anyway?

On 13 June #museumhour debated rural museums, or museums in rural regions. It didn’t take long for the farm jokes to start. The debate was guest-hosted by Cornwall Museums Partnership and Highland Museums Partnership and mainly involved questions about the challenges of working in museums in rural places and the benefits they provide to their communities.… Continue reading What are rural museums anyway?

Debate: Should museums charge for entry? #museumhour

Update: This debate has now happened. You can explore it on Storify. Essential info: Q: Should Museums Charge for Entry? Meet: 20:00 UK time, Monday 11 April 2016, on Twitter. Follow: @museumhour and @AIMuseums. Hashtags:  #museumhour #museumcharge. On 11 April at 20:00 BST (UK time) Museum Hour is debating the thorny and loaded question of entry… Continue reading Debate: Should museums charge for entry? #museumhour

#migration and #museums

A migration story at the NZ Maritime Museum in Auckland.

How do museums represent, present and interpret migrant stories? Museumhour from 25 January 2016. I was inspired to host this topic following my visit to museums in New Zealand in Auckland (National Maritime Museum of New Zealand) and Wellington (Wellington Museum and Te Papa National Museum). All these museums featured the stories of migrants heavily.… Continue reading #migration and #museums

Museums and the UK General Election 2015

  Culture and museums find themselves off the menu this election. This is a summary of excerpts from the policies and manifestos of political parties standing candidates in the UK General Election on 7 May 2015. Monday 4 May at 20:00 in the UK will see a #GE2015 election special #museumhour so please do come and join… Continue reading Museums and the UK General Election 2015


#Follow @museumhour Mondays 7-8pm UST (UK time). #museumhour is (yet another) new UK-based museum movement which took 24 hours to set up by Sophie Ballinger (@sospot) and me (@tehm). Sophie had a while back posed the question of whether a #museumhour existed in Twitterverse and received the sound of tumbleweed in return. I was travelling back to Cornwall… Continue reading #museumhour