2 years 100 chats on 100 subjects Two Hosts: @tehm and @sospot 46 Guest Hosts 22.1K Tweets (all time) 130-140K Impressions per month 4-5K Impressions per day ~25-100 Engagements per Tweet It’s a very simple enterprise, light weight but high energy and without any constrictions of institutionalism or stakeholder expectation. It’s free and for all-comers.… Continue reading #100museumhours


#Follow @museumhour Mondays 7-8pm UST (UK time). #museumhour is (yet another) new UK-based museum movement which took 24 hours to set up by Sophie Ballinger (@sospot) and me (@tehm). Sophie had a while back posed the question of whether a #museumhour existed in Twitterverse and received the sound of tumbleweed in return. I was travelling back to Cornwall… Continue reading #museumhour

In defence of history by women

The visibility of the resurgence of women’s voices has launched into the stratosphere these last two weeks, from the triumph of the campaign to get a woman back on a UK banknote, to the rather seedy and distasteful rape and bombing threats aimed at women by anonymous so-called trolls. But what is worse than all… Continue reading In defence of history by women